Senior Presentation (AKA Babes & Goats)

As some of you may know, I finished school this last December.  At LCAD every senior is required to produce a Senior Capstone thesis paper, as well as a Capstone Presentation. For me, the paper was a real challenge to write, but it really helped me develop my philosophy regarding art, and the directions I wanted to take my art.  The Capstone presentation however, had me tied in knots.  I had to get up and present something to a room full of students, their family, and a  heap of teachers and staff members.  Gaaghh!  At first I wanted to run for the hills, but then I came up with a plan.  I realized I couldn’t go wrong as long as I put the extra time into putting together a solid presentation.  Also, my project was all about hot babes and cute little goats.  How do you mess that up?  Really…   

The following video is the one part of my presentation that I can share here. The video shows the development of nearly every piece I created for my senior portfolio project, including sketches and notes. If you’re craving a larger version, you can find it here: LARGE VIDEO

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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On the big day it was announced that my paper was nominated for best Senior thesis. I can’t even begin to explain the irony.  The greatest Irony of all however, is that tomorrow I will be presenting my presentation all over again.  This time in front of the 2009 seniors.  “Why?” You might ask.  Is it because I had so much fun the first time? Did I bomb my first one?  Well, the truth of the matter is that the Capstone teachers requested that I do it for their current batch of students as an example.  And because showing them a video just isn’t the same.   In short, my presentation was about my personal struggles regarding my limitations and how I decided to address those limitations.  I used Apples Keynote to piece together a complete presentation with slides, and a three minute video.   Blah blah blah…..

All in all my goal was to make my presentation into a story- with a beginning middle and end.  Because pictures are pretty, but story is king.


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3 Responses to “Senior Presentation (AKA Babes & Goats)”

  1. velmalikevelvet Says:

    Proving that your teachers aren’t as dumb as one might think. 😉 They totally recognize your genius! Kudos on overcoming your insecurities; public speaking is a tough game. Congrats & hugs from your fam-damily in the North. -C&V-

  2. Adventuregoat Says:

    Thanks V….

    It went great! Better than the first round in fact. 🙂

  3. Olin Says:

    Awesome presentation, I love the easter egg at the end (smiley face drawn and erased looking at girl). You have always been a good artist, but your art has come a long way since the stuff that you were working on when you lived with us back in the day. But can you explain the dichotomy of your predilection to drawing babes with boobs and goats? One that most people would consider beautiful, and another most would consider ugly?


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