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Challenge WIP

April 28, 2009

Here’s my current work in progress for the Dark Queen challenge.  I liked the queen by herself, but I had to add the king for the storytelling element. I’m still monkeying about with the over-all design, but it’s a fun switch-up from what I’ve been doing as of late.drkqueen-x2final


MyFX challenge 121 (Dark Queen)

April 26, 2009

drkqueen-1h2_smAs the winner of the last challenge, it is my duty to set up the next one.  I chose Dark Queen as the theme because I thought it would be swell. Maybe a little too swell. Now I can’t resist joining in. Like I said before, I should be focusing solely on polishing the work I already have. He! Ho! Ha! Well, the truth is, that I’m doing both.

Shhhhh…. All is well…… All is on schedule.  Anyhoo, I’m taking a break from my epic syndrome and taking a shot at something using an approach I haven’t used in a while. Virtually no blendy blend.

ImagineFX Weekly Challenge

April 25, 2009

war-2swebFor last weeks forum challenge (Gods of War and Destruction) I explored unfamiliar territory. You know, space ships n’ stuff.  Zow! Zow! Vummm! Swoosh! Bazeeooow! Fizzzkk! Swoosh!

The image below is what I came up with and it’s the first time I tackled something of the sorts. To me it looks like a cover to a Sci-Fi novel or video game box. Yeah, the kind of game that looks pretty cool because of the box, but when you get it home and play it- it’s all crummy, and looks nothing like the art. And to top it off, It doesn’t even have the same freakin’ ships in it! Swoooosh! Zumm! Zumm! BezeeeeoooW!

Anyway, my image took first place by a hair.  Or should I say beard?  The runner up was an amazing painting inspired by Norse mythology.

One More Challenge…..

April 19, 2009

war-thmbSooo…. I  really should be polishing the work I already started, but I had to have one more go at the weekly ImagineFX challenge.  The theme is Gods of War & destruction. I started off with an idea about a god overlooking a castle siege, but after vomiting (twice) from concept boredom- I started to develop a Sci-fi piece!?  I’ve been focusing on figures for so long I figured (ha!) I’d dive into unfamiliar territory.  I pretty much never draw ships and stuff, so this should be fun.

The three, large ominous shapes are the Nogchampa Wachoochoo gods ( Leaches of Death & Destruction) from Maetidup Tribal Folklore.  Where there is war, they gather to feed.  Legend has it, that they are looked down upon by all other gods, but year by year they grow larger and their power increases.  Eventually they will no longer scuffle about at the heels of the greater gods.  Blah… Blah….  That’s the way the legend goes anyhoo.  Here’s what I did this Sunday afternoon.


ImagineFX Forum Challenge 2

April 10, 2009

deepdive-final-thmbSooo…. To continue developing my portfolio, I entered another online challenge this week.  The theme was “Life Aquatic” and the image I submitted really pushed me to figure out a crap-load of stuff.  Bubbles, Jellyfish, Deep sea strippers!  I’m tellin’ ya, it was rough.  Seriously though, I learned so much!  There were all these mini accomplishments that happened while I worked.  It’s really pretty funny though, because I started with such a god awful sketch/comp. I even  referred to it as cat barf  on the forum.  I started my project by scribbling a deep-sea diving type helmet, and then… out of the blue (ha! snort! get it?) I thought Deep Sea Strip Club.  Yep, there’s something mighty amusing yet truly depraved about the concept.  We’re not talking dancers in oversized fish tanks here, we’re talkin’ unda da sea with barnicles, Tintin, and Spongebob.  The lecherous viewers actually dive down in their big clunky  suits to get in this joint.  Blub blup blup… Welcome to the DEEP DIVE baby.  (can’t believe I just said that)

Below are some progress shots, including the cat barf I started with.  This is the certainly the most complicated piece I’ve done. I still have some work to do (fish, muck, lighting etc..).  I might be able to make this a real knock-out portfolio piece with a bit more fuss and goo.  You know, “Fusss & Goo”… It’s an old adage from the 14th century.  For Example: Leonardo’s painting could do with a bit more Fuss & Goo.



Cat Barf


Still Fugly


Hmmm... could be The Cat's Pijamas

I’ll post the final image soon. 🙂

Sketch Gallery Update

April 7, 2009

I know quite well that drawing from life is invaluable to me as an artist.  I don’t however, do it nearly as much as I feel I should.  And so here we are… I finally got down to the beach with my trusty pens and a sketchpad.  I drew a wee bit of cat puke, but once I warmed up I cranked out some pretty fun stuff- stuff I’m actually proud of.  Now I feel a little less intimidated by the notion of sketching in public.  It’s really tough, but the only way to get good is… well, it’s kinda obvious now isn’t it.



April 6, 2009

I’ve got a bunch of sketches and a new challenge to post.  Hopefully I’ll get some stuff up by tonight.

I also won the  Heavy Metal themed MyFX Weekly Challenge!  Weeee!  It was a bit of a surprise, but I’ll talk about that and post the pic when I have more time.