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Painting With Rage

May 31, 2009

RageScreenShot-smlNo, I’m not painting while furiously clenching my teeth and fists. I’m using ArtRage. RhhaaA!. ArtRage is a cheap, downloadable painting program for Mac & PC. I love it because it’s so basic, or should I say streamlined. There’s not a million ways to do one thing. You just paint & draw. If you already use Painter, ArtRage will probably drive you nuts, but it’s a great tool for folks like me that have always used Photoshop & never really cared to get into Painter.

Anyway, I’m not writing a review here. I’m just excited about the work I’m doing using ArtRage. In fact I’m developing a book & planning a show based on the stuff I just started making. More info on that later.



May 23, 2009

3bA little somethin’ somethin’ using ArtRage & my new tablet. Did I mention that I’m in love with my new tablet (a small Intuos4). To start with, the surface feels much more natural. My old Graphire is so dang slippery. I have to press everything way too hard to get any results. Just writing my name or signature is near impossible.

If you have an old Graphire with a clear, hard plastic cover…. upgrade! Don’t be stubborn. Trust me, I scratched away on that crap for a good three years.

Oh, I also posted some new beach sketches here.


May 12, 2009

I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, but I joined this weeks MyFX challenge themed “The Summoning“.  I started out drawing girls again, but ended up really excited about drawing something involving Adventuregoat. Here’s my first sketch. SummonWip-1

Blog Stats

May 10, 2009

The last search engine words that pointed somebody to my site: “boobs and swords” LOL! I’m not so sure about the sword part though.