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Save The Date!

July 21, 2009

I am putting together a group gallery show called NETHERWORLD. Mark October 16th & 17th down on your calender. More info is coming soon. I’m currently working on the show’s site/blog over at

swankBeen working on plenty of fun, new stuff- but in Lou of posting any of it, I’m posting some really old comics. Here’s one from over ten years ago. It’s ridiculous and has no conclusion. I like it.

In other news, I’m pushing to have a swell book ready for the show. By ready, I mean that I’m hoping to have multiple copies available for sale. By book, I mean an art book/sketchbook. It will have both finished paintings as well as delightfully ridiculous sketches. I Just gotta keep bustin’ it out. Things are looking mighty promising so far… not a whole lot of time.


Adventure Goat

July 3, 2009

Adventure GoatI painted this mock comic cover for this weeks ImagineFX challenge themed “scarlet“. I almost sat this one out but I’m glad I followed through. Now I have an inspirational piece to motivate me. The Text & fonts are just temporary. I’ll certainly put more time into the title design further down the road.

I’ve also been doing lots of prep work for the actual comic. Character sketches and such. Stay tuned, Adventuregoat is on his way!