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Quick Sketch Comic

November 2, 2012

Late night Speed comic!


Tarra’s Scary Friend Beast

April 3, 2012

Something fun I did for another IFX challenge.  Good practice for Adventure Goat.

Adventure Goat

March 18, 2012

This is a quick mock cover I did a few months back for inspiration.  The design of Adventuregoat himself has changed since this, but it keeps me excited about developing the project.  Time to hit the drawing table and get away from the computer 🙂


January 26, 2012

A fun piece I did for a weekly IFX challenge themed “ManMan…He’s all man”
I started with a big list of all the “man stuff” he was going to have (guns, crossbow, chainsaw, axe, beer etc…) but then I realized that this here is all a ManMan needs.

Wait I drew a guy? This is a landmark!


August 30, 2011

A random panel from Adventuregoat.

Goat Sketches

July 27, 2010


May 11, 2010

Some quick sketches.

For the cabin I referenced an artist named J.D. Harding.  It’s very much the type of cabin Adventure Goat lives in.

More Goat

December 21, 2009

Development on Adventuregoat continues. I’m pretty darn happy with his design so far- which is a huge deal since I’ve been struggling to resolve his look for quite some time. I also resolved a major story element that helped a few things click into place all nice and stuff.

There’s plenty more to do, so I’d better get back at it!

Adventure Goat

July 3, 2009

Adventure GoatI painted this mock comic cover for this weeks ImagineFX challenge themed “scarlet“. I almost sat this one out but I’m glad I followed through. Now I have an inspirational piece to motivate me. The Text & fonts are just temporary. I’ll certainly put more time into the title design further down the road.

I’ve also been doing lots of prep work for the actual comic. Character sketches and such. Stay tuned, Adventuregoat is on his way!

Adventuregoat Comic

June 10, 2009

It is time… It’s time for me to hunker down and do what I keep saying I want to do. It’s time for Adventuregoat! I have the beginning of the story pretty well mapped out. So what am I waiting for? Well, I haven’t exactly been sitting on the pot here. I’ve been searching for a simple character, a character that’s cute and easy to draw. This evening I sketched at my desk for a few hours and got the ball rolling. Also, earlier in the day I explained the basics of the story to Michelle and it flowed right out. It made sense… and explaining it even got me excited. It’s time!

Here are a few rough sketches. Nothing I’m too excited about, but progress none the less.Goat Sketches