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Late Night Sketching

February 8, 2012

Here is a  time lapse session of me sketching delightful nonsense with straight pen & ink.  It’s important to have fun in your sketchbooks!

Music by me.


Manman Challenge

January 22, 2012

My first sketch for a challenge themed Manman.

More Late Night Sketching

September 12, 2011

Goat Sketches

July 27, 2010


May 11, 2010

Some quick sketches.

For the cabin I referenced an artist named J.D. Harding.  It’s very much the type of cabin Adventure Goat lives in.

Self Published Art Book

March 31, 2010

Ha! Ha! Sorry, this puppy is no longer available… for now….. for top secret reasons.  Heh, yeah.  so….. that’s that.

More Goat

December 21, 2009

Development on Adventuregoat continues. I’m pretty darn happy with his design so far- which is a huge deal since I’ve been struggling to resolve his look for quite some time. I also resolved a major story element that helped a few things click into place all nice and stuff.

There’s plenty more to do, so I’d better get back at it!

More Late Night Quick Sketches

November 22, 2009

More Late night sketching

November 10, 2009


Some more character sketches using ArtRage

Tools of The Trade

June 21, 2009

AllTools2Ok, I’ve been meaning to put this post together for quite some time. I love seeing what other artists use, so here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ regarding some of my favorite traditional tools.

It’s good to be versatile but I don’t like to be bogged down by a tackle-box load of junk. I have a simple set of tools that I enjoy. I’m not going to talk about erasers or sharpeners here, just some of the junk that makes me all happy & stuff.

Col-Erase Sketches

Col-Erase Sketches

As you can see, there are no graphite pencils shown here. For pencils I use Prismacolor Col-erase. These work great for me since I’m not big on blending and such. I switch between Blue, Violet, Terra Cotta & Brown. The Blue & violet scan pretty well. And yes, the blue does scan. The Terra Cotta & Brown work well together if you start with the Terra Cotta, which is pretty light… then come back in with the Brown to punch up some lines and such. I don’t necessarily use these because they erase, I really like the line variation I can get- as well as the anti smudging qualities. Note: I don’t color my art with these. I sketch & draw.

Prismacolor Col-Erase

Prismacolor Col-Erase

Pitt Pen Sketches

Pitt Pen Sketches

I’ve been doing a lot of straight pen sketching lately. It’s really great practice since you have to commit to your lines. As for pens, I’ve tried a lot of pens. Currently I’m in love with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. They are waterproof, lightfast & all that good stuff. But most of all, I enjoy sketching with them. There are several different tips, including a brush, but I only really use the S & F sizes.



The tips are shaped in such a way that you can tilt the pen a bit to vary your lines for some “Thick & Thin” action. To change things up a bit I also like to use an Itoya Doubleheader Calligraphy pen. This of course produces some nice, dark, chiseled shapes & varied lines. I really like the Itoya DH, but it’s not waterproof. Additionally I recommend trying the long, thin Stabilo pen shown. It just feels nice in your hand and produces thin, crisp lines. Oh, and let’s not forget the wonderful and versatile Sharpie. The sharpie is the only pen I am able to produce true thick & thin lines with. I don’t have the patience to use the Crow Quill pens that many comic artists use, but a good sharpie can do a pretty swell job.

Itoya Doubleheader Sketches

Itoya Doubleheader Sketches

The clipboard shown way up top is pretty handy. I have sketchbooks I use, but slapping some copy paper on a clipboard is freeing in some strange way. Some of my favorite sketches were done on cheap copy paper. It’s great to have your work contained, but sometimes sketchbooks can feel a little too precious. The whole idea of sketching is to study, loosen up, and explore. If you find yourself being overly cautious, I recommend buying a block of copy paper and a clipboard. Preferably the legal sized board (not letter). The extra length comes in handy- as you can prop the board with your lap or hip and the paper is still high enough to draw on without having to hunch over. You’ll see.

So, that’s it for right now. I hope some folks find this info helpful or interesting. The next Tools&Tips post will be about some of the books I find useful & inspiring.