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February 1, 2014


Another piece for an iFX forum challenge.


Wanted Poster Challenge

January 25, 2013

My entry for anther imagineFX challenge.

Dark Crystal 2

January 8, 2013

Here be my early development for an IFX challenge requiring folks to develop characters for a new installment of The Dark Crystal. The Gelfling figure is only a quick sketch to show scale. Actual Gelfling dev to come.


Safe Landing

January 4, 2013

Something a bit abstract & fun to kick off the New Year.


Elementals Revised

November 15, 2012

I liked this piece a lot, so I decided to revise it and give a bit more polish.  Maybe one more pass after this…

Quick Sketch Comic

November 2, 2012

Late night Speed comic!

Hellboy Challenge (wip)

September 6, 2012

I started working on something fun for an IFX challenge that prompted folks to create a female equivalent of hellboy (a girly friend).  I opted to explore an alternative to Hellboy’s big hand.  Here’s a rough concept in progress.  I’ll be giving her a more dynamic pose, but I’m pretty happy with the robots.

IFX Monthly Challenge Winner

August 12, 2012

My creepy ass piece won the Imagine FX Monthly Challenge for July.  I’m still fixing some things that really bug me, but regardless, I really learned a ton working on this.  The given theme was “With Science” and the following is a bit of creepy text I included with it.

By day he shuffles about dusty libraries, sifting his rickety fingers through decaying books. His peers mock him, even pity him, but In the pale night, he satisfies his dark curiosities with great wisdom and science.  His subjects, all volunteers; victims of war, disease, and general misfortune. Grateful and loyal, they do his bidding. They are his disciples, his lovers, his strange, fantastic warriors.

Sketchbook Nonsense

July 6, 2012

Tarra’s Scary Friend Beast

April 3, 2012

Something fun I did for another IFX challenge.  Good practice for Adventure Goat.

Adventure Goat

March 18, 2012

This is a quick mock cover I did a few months back for inspiration.  The design of Adventuregoat himself has changed since this, but it keeps me excited about developing the project.  Time to hit the drawing table and get away from the computer 🙂

Farseer Wip

February 20, 2012

A forum challenge themed “Farseer” and fully open to interpretation.  Thought I’d have a go at something soft and blendy, just to expand my brain.

Late Night Sketching

February 8, 2012

Here is a  time lapse session of me sketching delightful nonsense with straight pen & ink.  It’s important to have fun in your sketchbooks!

Music by me.


January 26, 2012

A fun piece I did for a weekly IFX challenge themed “ManMan…He’s all man”
I started with a big list of all the “man stuff” he was going to have (guns, crossbow, chainsaw, axe, beer etc…) but then I realized that this here is all a ManMan needs.

Wait I drew a guy? This is a landmark!

Manman Challenge

January 22, 2012

My first sketch for a challenge themed Manman.

Kate Arcus

January 7, 2012

Something strange for practice.  🙂

More Late Night Sketching

September 12, 2011


August 30, 2011

A random panel from Adventuregoat.

Muse (Wip2)

August 5, 2011

A little update on this one…

Aria & Leo

July 2, 2011

Aria and Leo stop for some fresh air (There isn’t a lot of breathing room in that Mech).

A concept piece for a personal project.
Still trying to figure out the big gun and all, but working on this has made me very happy. 🙂

ArtRage & photoshop.

Nomad Family

February 7, 2011

After The Hunt

February 6, 2011

It’s been too long since I posted something, so here’s something fun.


October 30, 2010

I like to post my weird movies in October.

First up is a  delightful little piece called Sasquatch Survivor 2. I directed and acted (three characters) in this unique short film many moons ago when I lived in the Sierra Foothills of northern California. I wasn’t a film student or anything, I just started making movies with my 400 dollar video camera and minimal understanding of the filmmaking process. The digital FX were done using Hash Animation Master and photoshop.

There’s mystery, action, special FX, and a giant Sasquatch of course! So pop some corn, crack a beer and enjoy the arguably epic saga? Seriously though… I look back at this and I actually find it mighty impressive. Some of it works so well, you’d think I knew what I was doing.

Next up is a documentary I made back in 2005.  It started out as a writing assignment and morphed into… well, what it is.


May 11, 2010

Some quick sketches.

For the cabin I referenced an artist named J.D. Harding.  It’s very much the type of cabin Adventure Goat lives in.

Self Published Art Book

March 31, 2010

Ha! Ha! Sorry, this puppy is no longer available… for now….. for top secret reasons.  Heh, yeah.  so….. that’s that.


March 25, 2010

Just a preview of something fun I am working on.