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Late Night Sketching

February 8, 2012

Here is a  time lapse session of me sketching delightful nonsense with straight pen & ink.  It’s important to have fun in your sketchbooks!

Music by me.


More Late Night Sketching

September 12, 2011


October 30, 2010

I like to post my weird movies in October.

First up is a  delightful little piece called Sasquatch Survivor 2. I directed and acted (three characters) in this unique short film many moons ago when I lived in the Sierra Foothills of northern California. I wasn’t a film student or anything, I just started making movies with my 400 dollar video camera and minimal understanding of the filmmaking process. The digital FX were done using Hash Animation Master and photoshop.

There’s mystery, action, special FX, and a giant Sasquatch of course! So pop some corn, crack a beer and enjoy the arguably epic saga? Seriously though… I look back at this and I actually find it mighty impressive. Some of it works so well, you’d think I knew what I was doing.

Next up is a documentary I made back in 2005.  It started out as a writing assignment and morphed into… well, what it is.