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June 28, 2012

More creepy hot chicks in the works…


Kate Arcus

January 7, 2012

Something strange for practice. ¬†ūüôā

Self Published Art Book

March 31, 2010

Ha! Ha! Sorry, this puppy is no longer available… for now…..¬†for top secret reasons. ¬†Heh, yeah. ¬†so….. that’s that.

Hell’s Belles

January 26, 2010

Retail work is a bit depressing but art is keeping my spirits aloft. Here’s a screen-shot of my progress for this weeks MyFX challenge. The given theme for this one is Hell’s Belles. I’m having fun so far.

First Work Of 2010

January 4, 2010

Here’s my entry for this weeks MyFX forum challenge.¬†The set theme for this one is “It Came From Below”.

My entry didn’t quite jell with the challenge, but I really dig it. I started with a squid-like creature bursting from the ground, but ended up here. I had a lot of fun with the bits of crap breaking apart everywhere and the strange colors scheme. Heh Heh… personal joke really.

Cyborg Warfare Challenge

December 30, 2009

This week I joined in on another ImagineFX weekly challenge. For this one I’m taking the new¬†ArtRage Studio for a spin and loving it.

Her’s my work in progress. I’m shooting for something subtle which is certainly a challenge with a title theme like Cyborg Warfare.

More Late Night Quick Sketches

November 22, 2009

More Late night sketching

November 10, 2009


Some more character sketches using ArtRage

Late night sketching in Artrage2

November 6, 2009


Ahh…. more creepy hot chicks. Yes, the girl on the right certainly has the stupidest top ever. I’ll see what I can do to class it up a bit.

MyFX Forum Challenge

June 12, 2009

alien2hsmlI joined in on this weeks challenge themed:¬†Illegal¬†Alien. I didn’t think I would come up with anything, but alas I did.

On the left is one I started but ran out of time.¬†Meet Eddie Mugsworth, aka¬†Gippy da’ Creep. Relatively well known in the theft rings for slipping out the back door with everybody’s goods. Best known for his troublesome infatuation with Female Earthlings. In fact, right now he’s supposed to be on look-out duty for Fiona!… Oh Gippy… Distracted yet again.

The bottom image I finished enough to enter.¬†Meet¬†Fiona… Intergalactic Diamond¬†thief. Daughter of the legendary Albert Novik, aka¬†Stealth McGrabby.¬†Fiona may have just been caught with her hands in the cookie jar but she’s gotten out of far stickier situations. If there are police around, then there’s a shiny, high speed shuttle waiting to be hijacked.


Painting With Rage

May 31, 2009

RageScreenShot-smlNo, I’m not painting while furiously clenching my teeth and fists. I’m using¬†ArtRage. RhhaaA!. ArtRage is a cheap, downloadable painting program for Mac & PC. I love it because it’s so basic, or should I say streamlined. There’s not a million ways to do one thing. You just paint & draw. If you already use Painter, ArtRage will probably drive you nuts, but it’s a great tool for folks like me that have always used Photoshop & never really cared to get into Painter.

Anyway, I’m not writing a review here. I’m just¬†excited¬†about the work I’m doing using ArtRage. In fact I’m developing a book & planning a show based on the stuff I just started making. More info on that later.


May 23, 2009

3bA little somethin’ somethin’ using ArtRage & my new tablet. Did I mention that I’m in love with my new tablet (a small Intuos4). To start with, the surface feels much more natural. My old Graphire is so dang slippery. I have to press everything way too hard to get any results. Just writing my name or signature is near impossible.

If you have an old Graphire with a clear, hard plastic cover…. upgrade! Don’t be stubborn. Trust me,¬†I scratched away on that crap for a good three years.

Oh, I also posted some new beach sketches here.